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Why hire a graphic designer?

By Ben Walker on 04 December 2017

Today, it’s easier than ever for businesses to create their own marketing materials. With the vast array of technology and resources available online, you may wonder why it’s necessary to hire a graphic designer.

However, despite this surge in availability, the benefits of hiring a graphic designer are immense. Firstly, there are no shortcuts for professional graphic design – whether it’s a logo, business card or website, bad design can make or break your business.

Still not convinced? We’ve compiled a list of advantages to highlight the benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer, detailing how they can help your business and the huge impact design has on your brand.

Boost your brand

Does your business have a lot of competition? If so, you need to stand out, and to do this you will need high-quality branding. The difference between a carefully considered, well-crafted logo, for instance, and something you’ve spent £20 on will be obvious. Investing in a graphic designer is going to give you a much better chance of establishing a distinct brand identity, thereby setting you apart from the competition.

Get a different perspective

Design agencies take the time to thoroughly understand your organisation’s ethos and history, target market, competitors, and the product or service you’re providing.

The process of writing a design brief and explaining exactly what you want to achieve from a project will help a design agency deliver a final outcome that aligns with your creative vision. It helps to put pen to paper; your ideas will seem more achievable and be more concise if you write them down.

Save time

The amount of time you will save by hiring a graphic designer cannot be underestimated. If a pipe burst in your house, you might’ve thought that fixing it would be easy. However, more often than not, you end up costing yourself a whole lot more than if you’d paid for a professional, because you aren’t a plumber. The same principle applies to graphic design: paying for a professional will help to avoid any design faux pas and ensure you don’t waste time or money.

Get expert services

It takes years to master the software needed to produce high-quality graphic design work to a professional level. Graphic designers are experts in Adobe Suite, as well as being highly skilled in animationvideo editing, logo designwebsite design…the list goes on. By hiring a graphic designer, you’ll free up time to focus on other tasks.

Be consistent

If you hire a graphic designer, your business image will be consistent. From online advertising to print advertising, an experienced graphic designer will make sure your brand is consistent across all communications in order to develop brand awareness. By expertly manipulating elements, such as the font, colours and layout of your website, they can ensure customers perceive you as you want them to.

Deliver your message effectively

Design is not a random process: a designer has a clear strategy to effectively convey your message visually to an audience. Before any project starts, a good designer will take the time to understand the product or service you’re selling, your target market and your competition. They will brainstorm and sketch out ideas, creating a clear strategy with your target audience in mind.

Take pride in your marketing

Not keen to show off your business cards because they’re less than perfect? All your marketing materials should be the best they can be, or you’ll be hesitant to present them to new customers, meaning you could lose out on potential business. Hiring a graphic designer is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Your business deserves an impressive website or a beautiful logo.

Get more social shares

In a cluttered, competitive environment, it pays to stand out from the competition and get your point across in a succinct and captivating way. According to Hubspot, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Infographics, for instance, are excellent for social shares; they’re visually appealing and provide snippets of information that draw an audience in.

We hope we’ve clarified some of the reasons you may want to hire a graphic designer to help your business. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our graphic design services, then contact us today.

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