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Top tips for working from home

By Ben Walker on 23 March 2020

During this period of uncertainty, many whose roles permit, have started working from home.

If remote working is not part of your usual routine, it can feel a little daunting. Having some simple structures and practices in place however can make a notable difference, helping you to be as productive as possible, whilst looking after your wellbeing. A number of months ago, Firefly made the decision to close the studio one day a week to work from home. Our team has embraced this way of working and, over time, we’ve developed an infrastructure which enables us to work as effectively from the kitchen table at home as we do in the studio.

From enhanced productivity to reduced stress, we’ve discovered that there are multiple benefits to working from home. Although we’re also aware that it can present various challenges, whether you’re a freelancer, employee or business owner. In this article we share some of our tried and tested tips to help you reach your full potential whilst working from home.

Invest in the necessary tools

Whether it’s a suitably sized display screen or an ergonomic office chair, it’s worthwhile investing in equipment that will allow you to work as safely and comfortably as possible. If you’re squinting to see your screen or finding you have a sore back by the end of the day, you should probably reassess your set up.

Moreover, installing relevant software and apps that may enhance your role, could make working from home a much smoother process. Communication is essential for our team at Firefly, whether we’re discussing a creative project or liaising with a client. We use the AnywhereWorks and Teleport apps to message and video call, which allows us to collaborate just as seamlessly as when we’re in the studio.

Dedicate a space

Although at times it can be tempting to work from your sofa, this can start to blur the lines between work and leisure – and we wouldn’t recommend it for your posture either! If it’s accessible to you, it can be beneficial to dedicate a space in your home to work, preferably separate from where you tend to relax. This helps to implement clear boundaries and get you in the right mindset for work.

A huge 75% of people work from home because there are less distractions. However, if you’re surrounded by your children, family members or flatmates while working at home, it may be difficult to avoid any interruptions. Choosing a space where you can reduce the number of potential distractions could help you to remain focused.

Another key consideration is lighting. Poor lighting can have a negative impact on your wellbeing and levels of productivity. If you can, choose a space near a window for natural light or invest in appropriate lighting solutions. Moreover, personalising your workspace with some of the things you love could help lift your mood; whether that’s burning your favourite candle or surrounding yourself with plants (our personal favourite). 

Create a routine

We know how appealing it can be to wake up and start working in your pyjamas. Making breakfast, showering and in particular getting dressed as if you’re going to work, can help to psychologically prepare you for the day ahead and make you feel more professional.

Incorporating some movement into your daily routine, whether that’s a gentle yoga flow, a HIIT workout or a walk, could be extremely beneficial. Aside from the physical benefits, exercising can result in faster learning, sharper memory and enhanced creativity and concentration.

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Take regular breaks

We can all benefit from short breaks away from our work and screens, even when working remotely. Try to stretch every 15 minutes and get up from your desk to move around every couple of hours. A good way to remind yourself to do this is by setting a reminder or alarm on your phone or computer. This can help to prevent you from becoming demotivated and overwhelmed throughout the day. Taking a proper lunch break can also help you to recharge and maintain concentration.

Set goals 

Working from home removes some of the structure of the office environment that you may be used to. One way to counterbalance this is by setting goals, big or small, even if you don’t have specific deadlines. This can help you to stay you on track and motivated throughout the day. Many like to write a physical list, which they can tick off throughout the day to clearly track their progress. 

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If you’re currently adapting to work at home, we hope this article has provided some areas for you to consider and helped to make it little easier. If you have any further ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

Lastly, with the infrastructure in place to work from home, it is very much business as usual at Firefly during this turbulent time. If you’d like to find out more about any of our creative services or have a project you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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