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How much should a logo cost?

By Ben Walker on 12 January 2018

How important is a logo to your brand? Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Volkswagen, Starbucks… any logos spring to mind? Ok, you get the picture. A striking logo is an essential part of your branding.

Everyone knows first impressions count – particularly in business. But did you know it only takes a consumer 10 seconds to form an opinion of your business based on your logo?

The strongest logos don’t even need a brand name next to them to be instantly recognisable (like the examples above). Logos can be bold and graphic, understated and subtle, or anything in between. Your business logo will appear pretty much anywhere and everywhere you need branding – think newsletters, social media and product packaging. It has to be versatile enough to appear on all different types of media and be set against a range of backgrounds, which is why professional designers will supply you with several variations on your logo. For example, you may have a black and white logo with the colours reversed for use on different backgrounds, or you may need an optimised version to reduce the file size and improve the load time for use on your website.

The average cost of a logo varies greatly, but, as with many things in this world, you get what you pay for. Firstly, you have to work out what you want: the cheapest deal or the best logo for your business? Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to find people offering cheap logo design online for as little as £10. The problem with these logos? Most of them look cheap. What kind of impression is a low-quality logo going to give to your customers?

A professional designer will work to distil the ethos and values of your brand into a single visual point of reference. Good logos are often deceptively simple in appearance. In fact, a great deal goes into the process of crafting a logo to represent your company, which we’ll get on to in a second.

If you’re looking for a logo that will represent your business well and stand the test of time for years to come, you’re looking to spend at least £1,000 on its design. Ultimately, good logo design is a business investment and the value should not be underestimated.

Why you should invest in a design agency to ensure you establish a professional logo…

Ok, so we are a little biased here, but we’re good at what we do and we want to put the best possible logo in front of your clients.

When you invest in a professional designer to create your logo, you are mainly paying for two things: experience and creativity.

An experienced designer will get to know your brand inside out. They’ll want to know what makes you unique in your space and reflect this in whatever they design for you. This is why professional designers underline the importance of starting with a good brief – they can really get under the skin of your brand.

Here is what’s generally involved in the design process for a new logo:

  1. The brief
    We meet with you to talk through your requirements and get a good grasp of the project.
  2. The research
    We take a look at your company, your competitors and your industry to find out what logos already exist in your space, and what’s going to stand out.
  3. The concept
    We sketch out some ideas and get your feedback.
  4. The mock-up
    Once we know what you like, we put together something more polished.
  5. The presentation
    We present your logo to you and you jump for joy at the sheer beauty of the thing.

As you can see, it’s a fairly in-depth process – and the results speak for themselves. It’s a process we’ve refined over a number of years and based on working with a range of different clients, across a variety of industries. We find it’s an enjoyable and rewarding process for all involved, and means you’ll get a logo that’s truly bespoke.

At Firefly, we love creating logos our clients love. Find out more about our logo design services and get in touch if you’d like to ensure your branding resonates with your target audience.

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