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9 July 2018

We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to picking a tipple, appearance really does matter. If a company has taken the time and effort to make their gin bottles look beautiful on the outside, you can confidently assume that they are going to taste pretty good on the inside too.

Gin is booming in popularity right now, and for many there are few things more enjoyable on a warm summer’s day than a cold G&T. Thanks to the surge in demand for gin, more and more gin brands and bottles are popping up on the shelves – each with its own distinct personality and style.

Here are our top ten favourite gin bottle designs right now…

Redcastle Gin

Ok, so we couldn’t exactly talk about beautiful gin bottles without including one of our own designs, could we? Zesty Redcastle Gin is distilled in Angus and is made with a unique blend of 13 different botanicals.

We were lucky enough to work with Redcastle on their logo, branding and packaging. The clean, sophisticated design gives a subtle nod to the seaside, with wavy lines and the hint of a flag on top of a sandcastle.

Suntory Roku Gin

From Angus to Japan, here we have the receptacle for an exotic craft gin with six botanicals. The floral etched, angular bottle perfectly reflects the taste and unusual character of the gin itself.

Sea Glass Gin

Crafted at the Deerness Distillery on the beautiful island of Orkney, Sea Glass Gin certainly looks as if it’s a precious treasure just washed up on the shore. The translucent design captures the motion of the sea and shows off the clarity of the spirit inside, while the sublime blues and greens echo the Orkney Isles’ seascape.

Dasher + Fisher Gin

Named after two rivers near the Southern Wild Distillery in Tasmania, this gin comes in three varieties: mountain, meadow or ocean. Each bottle features the same design with a different background colour to distinguish each flavour. The muted pink, green and blue perfectly complement the metallic gold lines that depict the rivers.

Forest Gin

forest gin

Crafted in small batches on the edge of Macclesfield Forest in Cheshire, Forest Gin has a distinctly whimsical vibe going on. There’s something almost folkloric about the black pattern that adorns the white, corked bottle. The playful weasel also brings a fun feel to the bottle’s design.

Fishers Gin

fishers gin

Distilled on the Suffolk coast, this British gin packs some rare old botanicals and herbs for a distinctive flavour. The eye-catching design of the bottle is equally as distinctive, with its contrasting oranges and blues and striking pattern. The royal blue lid certainly tops off the look.

Silent Pool Gin

Further harnessing the power of contrasting colours, Silent Pool Gin is working the blue and gold look. The intricately detailed gold leaves look stunning in contrast with the cool blue of the bottle glass.

Ivy City Gin

We love the simplicity of this gin bottle design and how it ties into the gin’s history. Crafted in Washington DC, Ivy City is a little-known neighbourhood which this gin is hoping to literally and figuratively put on the map.

Curio Gin

In Cornwall, you’ll find the Curio selection of spirits, which includes a rock samphire gin. The pretty, colourful bottles are reminiscent of long hot summer days and feature illustrations of the botanicals inside.

Bathtub Gin

And finally, how could we leave out one of the quirkiest gin bottles around? Bathtub Gin by Ableforth’s has a touchy-feely appeal and definite old school vibes. This botanical gin is wrapped in printed brown paper and finished by hand with a wax top.

So that’s some of our current favourite gin bottle designs – what’s yours?

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