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Markos Ioannou

Middle-weight Designer

Markos’ passion for visual storytelling and diverse skillset enable him to produce innovative creative solutions that enrich our clients’ brands.

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Markos grew up in Cyprus before moving to Scotland in 2016 to study graphic design at the University of Edinburgh.

Whilst studying he seized every opportunity to expand his knowledge of all things design, building a wealth of knowledge in both design for print and digital.

A keen artist from a young age, Markos continues to hone his skills by creating portraiture in both traditional techniques, including acrylic paint on board and canvas, and digitally in Procreate.

His creative talents spread further still with a love of both art and music, Markos played piano from a young age and is a keen musician.

Upon graduating Markos’ first job was in the fintech start-up sector where he worked for three years as the sole designer, crafting the brand of WhisperClaims to what it is today. Joining Firefly allows Markos to experience designing for varying sectors across a broad range of disciplines which will further build his skillset and knowledge of design.

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Role at Firefly

Since joining Firefly in 2023, Markos has become an integral part of the team, applying his creative flair and eye for detail to projects ranging from branding and logo design to annual reports and website design.

A talented creative, he thrives on combining both traditional and digital methods in his work. His enthusiasm for learning new skills and software gives him the ability to approach every project with a unique perspective, telling brand stories in unexpected and meaningful ways.

Markos also enjoys the communicative element of his role, whether that’s collaborating with the rest of the design team or building relationships with our clients and bringing their ideas to life.

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Personal interest

Outside of his role at Firefly, Markos enjoys finding his inner zen through yoga and keeping fit by rock climbing.

A keen cook, Markos enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and bringing family recipes back from Cyprus to Scotland, using good quality ingredients to produce rustic, home-style cuisine.

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Environmental action

Markos tries to be mindful of reducing waste and his use of disposable plastic and follows local recycling opportunities wherever possible. One of the ways he achieves this is by opting to buy plastic-free products wherever possible.

Markos has become increasingly conscious of our impact on the environment and has enjoyed volunteering days with Firefly, especially tree planting with Borders Forest Trust.

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“The Royal College of Nursing Scotland has worked with Firefly on a number of projects, most recently the branding for our Nurse of the Year Awards. We have always found the team to be responsive, willing to listen and full of ideas. Professional, creative and approachable, the quality of their work is excellent.”

Carol Harris
Communications and Public Affairs Manager
The Royal College of Nursing Scotland

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