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Marketing Assistant

Our social media guru Lauren started off as an apprentice digital marketing assistant at a leading independent school in Edinburgh before joining the Firefly team in 2019. Lauren is responsible for promoting Firefly’s online presence, and with thriving social platforms of her own, she’s no stranger to social media growth.

Lauren regularly creates content for her own fashion and lifestyle blog and, as a result, copywriting is second nature to her. Lauren has a love of words and if she’s not writing them, she’s reading them.

With a passion for travelling, Lauren tries to visit somewhere new each year, recently travelling to Budapest and Pompei. She might be adventurous when it comes to travelling, climbing volcanoes and exploring old hospitals hidden in caves, but she still refuses to eat tomatoes.

When Lauren’s not taking the digital world by storm, she is often found listening to true crime podcasts or playing video games. She is rarely seen without a gadget in her hand and is an expert at communicating in 280 characters or less.

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